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Quarter Midget races February 18-19, 2012 at the Harrisburg Farm Show Complex




Please take a moment to consider how beneficial a web site can be to your efforts in securing sponsors and fans. As more and more businesses add web sites to their marketing strategies, they are beginning to expect the same from the drivers they sponsor. Exposure is the name of the game and you can’t beat a 24/7 information outlet about your race team and its sponsors. Plus if a prospective sponsor is too busy, you can just have them drop by your web site to find our all about your team. Don't think a web site can help your team? Click here!

But I only race for fun. Why do I need a Web site?
Then you arena’t alone. Most teams that race at the “grassroots” level, race as a hobby. Or possibly a group of individuals just want to race for the love of the sport. However, that doesn’t pay the bills. Unless you’re independently wealthy or take out a second mortgage on the house you probably have a few marketing partners on your vehicle somewhere. A Web site is an excellent way to help promote your marketing partners. A presence on the Web can help you pull ahead of your competition in the race for sponsorship. Of all the racers nationwide, only a small percentage have an Internet presence
. So lets get started and click on a link below to see what Hammerhead Promotions can offer you and your team!


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